Take me there

Such a unique place in Newfoundland, loving this scenery- definitely on the bucketlist:)

Fogo Island Inn- 210 Main Road, Joe Batt's Arm - Newfoundland, Canada A0G 2XO



1/ Visit the interactive exhibit, Color Factory, especially with the kids, and engage with unique color stories
2/ Listen to Nile Rodgers' new album work
3/ Try something new from the Fenty Beauty collection
4/ Check Claudia Li's latest collection
5/ Travel to this Malibu Inn, and stay two steps from the beach
6/ Indulge with the new Paperless post invites collection for my upcoming Halloween party:)


Item of desire

Coming from Crete, GR these exceptional espadrilles are some pairs to become your new obsession. Each is one-of-a-kind and are handmade by local artisans, using the finest leather and cotton. I'm in love with the soleil and jade suede styles! And guess what? They are now on sale! Endless summer shoes is what I'm sayin':) 


Summer glimpse

Reminiscing on one of the purest, most peaceful, clear water destinations I got to visit this summer- more to come babes!


Designer of the week: Susan Alexandra

Super talented NYC based Susan Alexandra makes every item you order by hand, the time you order it. Jewelry, bags and purses as if they're coming from your colorful childhood (or just craving to have a bite of them) yet so creative and stylish,  everyone wishes they have one piece in their collection:). Love 'em all!

Here is a glimpse of what Susan is making, you can go shop here


Current mood with an airy boho feel

in collaboration with tosave.com

When I was asked from tosave.com team to choose some items from their online shop, there was a bit of a struggle cause the options were endless. The moment though my eyes stumbled upon this floral maxi dress I knew I've found the dress that would play a huge role during summer days. This dress has two things I love about: vintage boho feel and asymmetrical & airy style, both of which are great for hot, summer days.

Here, I decided to style it a bit whimsically with a pair of high-waisted, one of my favorite vintage shawls and these beach slippers, soon to become my everyday-to-go item:)


Take me there

This time it's the Greek landscape of Kythira, the new gastronomic destination in Chora, BON BON Fait Maison, for a taste of their pancakes and ice cream with a fresh take:). What a combo!


New favorite phone case

in collaboration with tosave.com

So I've been searching for a case for my iphone and nothing seemed to match. It would either be too expensive or too much of a design going on for my tastes. Till the team behind tosave.com was kind enough to let me choose and try out one of their phone case styles! Fun!

This iphone plating soft case I ultimately chose has it all: clear color so that the actual phone is visible (hello!) and matching color with the phone's shade:). What else do you need? Oh yeah: a great price. That is one more of the perks of this case:).


JW Anderson for Uniqlo

Another great collaboration for Uniqlo is out! This time it is from one of my favorite designers, JW Anderson who's inspired by the British heritage garments giving them a whole new update on this Spring/Summer collection. Items have just released online and in stores:)

Check them out!