Just got back from a crazy trip to new york..and that's the only reason for the lack of posts..Stay tuned cause there's lots to come.
I now try to recover from the tons of images I filled my brain with..:-)


Bobo choses.

If I was ever to choose only one brand to dress my babies, this would definitely be it. How more impeccable aesthetic can be found? How fresh, unique, original..Their patterns are so, so, so beautiful (bikes and bananas my personal favorites).
What I simply loooooove are all their culottes (yes! finally I found my dream baby clothes) such as these or these (how cute are they? ha?) and all of these baggy pants. Oh, and the lollipop body. To die for.


Maybe the best crackers I've ever had. Cranberry and hazelnut.



Planning a trip there..if you have any suggestions, tips, places you've been or heard of and it's really worth visiting, I'd be so appreciative to hear all about!
;-) Thanx! 


Try me.

Best food ever is and will always be: fried homemade aromatic meatballs and handcut fries, cooked to my kind of perfection. What else do you reaaaaally need? nada.


Designer of the week: Laurence Dolige.

Obsessed with my new recent find, Paris based, Laurence Dolige. I love the style that she proposes on the classic, must-have pieces. I even love all of her accessories (look: shoes, bags,..). Masculine and feminine and all those neutral basics, I just adore.


Place: Lunacy Black Market.

When a place combines great food (in this case: tapas), the coziest atmosphere and the most friendly staff, it surely guarantees a fun time. Lunacy black market is my kind of thing: it's like eating at your own place with your friends amazingly good food. Delicioso!
I can't wait for my next visiting..