In love.

This place is beyond words..(photo via here)

Listened on the radio this track today..I have forgotten how amazing it is-
{Portishead-All mine}


Cool stuff.

There is nothing more refreshing than a sorbet-kind popsicle in the middle of the summer- even better when it's a homemade one..

..recipe found here-xx


New crush: Ca & Lou

I guess you are aware of my addiction to finely made jewelry (as posted recently here about my loooove for Dannijo and Kara Ross ones) and this is one more to add to my long but exquisite list for summer and not only I suppose.. I have no words for these beauties from Ca & Lou, recent find - recent crush, I really, really cannot resist..Check it out-xx 


Old fashioned chocolate cake

I started watching Nigella's tv show a while ago and for those of you who looooove chocolate (myself included), this is one of her recipes I am really proud I've found cause it is really sooo easy to make. The ultimate "fulfilling my needs for chocolate" thing can be found here- Enjoy!


I am not a wedding person but if I ever get to have one, this is the marriage I would like to have..this kind of place, this kind of style, this kind of romance, this kind of atmosphere-simple and beautiful as that. 


Make my day

..with these extremely cute Toms I got for my little prince (too bad I can't find this pattern in my size)

..with slices of amazingly tasty watermelon

..with parisian Vogue in my hand and a mug of coffee