Smells and Flowers.

..so beautiful and intense that magnolia smell..just found one huuuuuge tree and picked up one-is it too bad? 

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio


Off to Nafplio.

Long walks in the old town, maaaassive bougainvilleas, lobsters, octopus and cuttlefish, rainfalls out of nowhere, gelato and biscotti, palm trees (yes, palm trees), food to die for, castle views, train rides, sunsets on the sea (oh, the sea), breathtaking skies and the-most-unbelievable pistachio ice-cream I have ever tasted.. 


New addition.

Black leather and beige suede, straps and the perfect heel hight -> sexy legggggs..

(strappy sandals from Uterque)


Homemade Strawberry Tart

My love for strawberry tarts led to my first attempt of making one of my own...and it was a real success!! I am so happy about it.. Try it! You can really tell the difference from a ready-made one: so fresh and screaming "eat me now" you really cannot resist- (the second day was nearly over) ;-)

(recipe found here) 

Chloe love.

I want these shoes so -so-so badlyyyyyyy..
(from Chloe Resort 2012 via vogue.com)



When I bought these potato chips, I mainly did it because I was really impressed with the packaging. So then, I had to worry whether the inside would be as good as the outside. Luckily, these were so delicious my worries vanished right from the first bite!    

{love the title: naked- no salt}


Item: Mission Accomplished

I FINALLY found what I was looking for a looooong looong time: large clip earrings! Biiiiiiiig smile- :-)


Monday meal

{salad too good to be true}
{cheese pie}
{portobello mushrooms. stuffed}