Rigatoni with baked pomodoro sauce

This recipe is really so easy to make. I used ready-made rigatoni instead of making my own homemade fettucine, (ok I know it's not the same but when you want something quick, this is the option for me) and additionally I replaced pecorino cheese with finely grated parmezan cheese. Easy and tasty!


Wreta Gestgifveri

I looooove finding hotels (I first saw it here) where I can take a sneak peak over their way of decoration, especially that of their rooms, dreaming whether I would be pleased to stay there or not. Well, Wreta Gestgifveri Hotel is another one of those I instantaneously fell in love with..
Love the idea of planning a short trip to Sweden and stay in a room like those..so good.     


Snack treats

Whenever you feel like wanting a quick snack during the day or you have unexpected guests, these are two amazing ideas for fresh and handmade treats.
Crackers topped with great Mytilini cheese (known as "ladotyri"), pomodorinis, and some fresh mint leaves (I am so proud about my mint tub at the balcony..)
And for the sweet part of it: almond bites- nothing more than chopped almonds mixed with apricots and sugar! Make small balls out of it and dip them into confectioners sugar..Delicious!!  


Shoe addiction.

What's this thing with Miu Miu shoes anyway? Every season I am totally stuck with the label designs.. (the glittery+pink one seems to be getting all the attention, doesn't it?)..so good-