Little treats.

I brought from San francisco: exquisite chocolate from Craftsman & Wolves and truffles and bars of chocolate from Tcho factory.


What's up coachella? you give me goosebumps.

there are no words enough to describe the moments.
there will not be enough photos to display the feelings of those moments.-


Oops camera's on.

mr.chubby cheeks/have to get my hair done/ handsome little noisy guy nr.2


Flowers of the week.


Ranunculus, in an indescribable velvety color.

The life-changing tart.

lemon meringue tart/

I tried to make one like the one I've had in Boulette's larder, in San francisco (the place makes the most tasteful, airy, unbelievable lemon meringue tart I've ever had)/ if you ever visit SF, go there and ask for that tart/ it's unique.

I couldn't find the original recipe, however I found a similar one here.



friday 12&19 of april. 11.40pm. these guys will be on stage.

friday 12&19 of april, 9:55pm. thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis guy- with the rest of the gang will ALSO be on stage.

I don't know which is craziest: that two of my all-time favorite bands are both going to perform there or that I will be there watching them perform.............................................................................................................

if you don't recognize them, there's no need to keep reading this post- I won't be writing any band names here.


 great necklaces by mimika ciboyianni.


SF bits.

Under the golden gate bridge, in a foggy san francisco and above a hot ginger lemon apple cider (bourbon included) and a golden turnip soup to bring us once again to the right temp, at one of the most unique places I've been lately. Outerlands, at Judah street.
In San francisco.


One day at a time.

You will have probably realized my addiction to all kinds of stationery. If you are one of those people who drool over a nice pen or a notebook that's made exactly of the paper you want to write on, then you can understand what I mean. 
Latest addition to my desk, this notepad set that's so sleek, I'm so happy I found it (at a ridiculous price). Bonus detail: the sides are golden! 

Can you get that or not?


Office wall.

or else, part of an inspiration board to keep you goin'.

San francisco I'm comin' to ya, are you ready?