..to the cutest thing I brought from New York: this choreographed flipbook.
From the New Museum.


Dark chocolate tart.

I made this tart from scratch and was exactly as described and exactly how I wanted it. Intense, decadent. As a huge fan of the dark chocolate, I knew it could not disappoint. I didn't use gingersnap cookies but grahams chocolate that I had spare (more chocolate!) but I did use ginger, just like the original recipe recommended, and it was a relatively new thing tried. I can't say candied ginger was exactly my thing but it surely made its spicy impact. And what better way to serve it than top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream..


(I don't know if it's the cookies I used but use extra butter to form the crust otherwise it will become "crumby")


Past weekend shots.

I think I will always be a "city-girl", so when I'm heading downtown I think I'm finding myself again. That gap from the suburbs is filled and at the end everything seems complete.

We finally tasted this restaurant ( I've already been to their cafe&bakery) and not long after that I found out it's voted one of the 10 best restaurants in America for 2012.. 



Never say no to a marzipan..
Especially if it's decorated with such beautiful details.


Avocado breakfast.

Lately I've been having a really big crush on these green friends..



With a little help from our friends there at Zara's creative team, we can now have a little Acne-like staff to score. 
This leather vest from A/W 2011 was my big love.
Too bad my dream color hasn't seen the light.. 

Home lately.

When Lichtenstein found his way up on the wall and smelled his friend, Eucalyptus.. 

(did you know eukalyptus has really a scent? mmm, I guess I hadn't really noticed it..)


I'm on fire (literally).

Or else I was. The place is the most breathtaking thing I've been to lately. A volcano that lives and breathes (and spills). If you ever visit Nisyros magical island, don't forget to go there (obviously you won't cause it's one of the main attractions of the island, but I'm telling you..). And there's smoke that comes out of the holes (and it's hot, hot, hot!) and you can listen to the lava that's underneath. And you feel you walk on a lunar kind of space and you feel so little and we're talking about an active volcano, right? hmmm... h-o-w  COOL  c-a-n   t-h-i-s   b-e ?