Charleston, SC '12.

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Things lately.

greek coffee and powdered doughnut

rose-gold-like book darts

mama's bread

almond and french beans soup: new addiction


90s memories.

I was listening this song on the radio and remembered watching this fashion show on MTV, I think it was called house of style (?) (presented by Cindy Crawford!, yes we're talking about serious early 90's), is anyone following me?..anyway and it was a-behind-the-fashion-shows-moment where the models were asked which was their favorite track of that time of period and I remember young bird Kate Moss saying: Creep. Radiohead.

I don't know why that scene stuck to my head.
And it was not such a huge hit at the moment, but certainly Kate made her contribution..

for you, kids of the 90s..  


Quiche lorraine.


a favorite one around here,
fresh and hot right from the oven..


Star wars cookies.

These star wars molds were a huge success.
We ended up using them on a chocolate dough..everything for the boys!




this song is so addictive.

from great new band Cloud nothings
song our plans


Homemade ricotta gnocchi.


This is an amazing alternative if you want to replace the common use of potato (as that is what gnocchi are usually made of) with ricotta. And if you had some ricotta lying in the fridge waiting to be used..this is what you should do.

The recipe says to use two spoons to form the gnocchi, I used one spoon to collect the portion I needed and then just shaped the gnocchi with my hands rolling it in some flour at the end. I also made the dough and kept it in the fridge for when I would be ready to boil the gnocchi (that means that would also be the right time to form the gnocchi, just before you boil them in the water) so you don't have to worry that you'll have to make them all at once (make the dough, shaping, rolling, boiling)..

Make a classic butter-onion-tomato sauce and shred some parmezan on top. 
Simple recipes are the best. 

You can find the recipe here.