The Optimist.

Lunch time at the Optimist (a while back), for seafood mainly and some desserts..Awesome place, beautifully decorated, beautiful serveware, beautiful cocktails and an exposed kitchen for your eyes only. Of course.

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This is really good. You can find one here, I found mine at the fresh market.




I made this cake (again), this time with buttercream frosting (and some food coloring..)


Quinoa stuffed acorn squash.

Amazing dish I tried out, with a new guest (look: acorn squash) and a whole bunch of other things put together to create an unexpectedly good fall alternative. The recipe was from here, I didn't actually use kale, I substituted it with some spinach, and I used ground coriander instead of fresh one. The final outcome is what matters, right? Delicious. 


Lemon ricotta pancakes.

One of the most unbelievable breakfasts lately.
Lemon ricotta pancakes drizzled with lemon curd sauce and raspberries on top. And if you wish some confectioner's sugar. Unique flavor.
Recipe found here.

*The raspberries are the frozen ones and they work perfectly fine.


Day moments.

Nice coffee

..and inspiration's been finally found at the mail.


Round and round.

I heard a remix of this song yesterday and realized you can't go wrong so easily with this band.. Massive song. Massive New Order from 1989.


Flowers of the week.

Last week, I found this bouquet of various flowers at Trader Joe's (this period of time is a strange one as far as pretty,pretty flowers to be easily found) but I didn't want to just throw it in a vase. I rearranged them in two different vases (that way I would also have flowers in two rooms-hurray!), cut them a lot and here they are. Cute, huh?

These light purple ones are really interesting and they smell nice too, does anyone knows how they're called?