Sunday Scones

During the weekends, there is nothing better than having the whole family gathered for a more "long-term/cosier" breakfast. That is the time when I really enjoy having fresh, home-made, hot, right from the oven bakery. It's not a long time since I first made these scones and I have to say I was really surprised it was so easy to make. Put the butter on and it will melt in seconds! 

You will need:

2 cups of flour 
2 csp baking powder 
2 csp sugar
1-2 tsp butter
1 cup of milk

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Sift flour with baking powder, add the sugar and rub the butter with your fingers. Add milk so that you have a soft and elastic dough. Knead lightly leaving a slightly floured pastry. Spread on a floured surface and cut with round cutters diameter 5cm and 2,5cm thick. Put the scones in the pan and brush with some milk. Bake them for 15 minutes. Serve with whipped cream and jam! 

I also love to put some fresh fruit on top..


Corset power

I fell in love with this nude colour lingerie collection by La Perla...and then I realised it is Jean Paul's collaboration. This explains a lot. You can find it here. Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla. J'adore.



I cannot describe how happy I am that "Dogtooth" is nominated for best foreign language film. An amazing movie- so original- so fresh- so unexpected- with a photography I'm obsessed with. Fingers crossed..


Birthday presents

{blue suede ballet flats}

{amazing leather bag with vintage-inspired pockets and velour inside}

{white hyacinths}

{high-waisted perfect cotton sleepwear}


 {birthday cake}

{knitwear with faux-fur details} 

{the perfect cotton tank}

These are some presents I got for my birthday a few days ago (and I am so glad about it ;)). The flowers and the birthday cake were my early-in-the-morning pick-ups of that day. It's a bit neutral/earthy tones now that I look over them but at the same time I realize I looove neutrals this period! Have a nice day!


Carven Renewed

I love EVERY SINGLE PIECE. The recently revived brand, I really think, is to become of the most emerging. xxK.


Fish parcels

{almost ready fish parcel}

Never had I realised how much I like salmon. There are times when I can eat it even two times in a week. So I keep looking for different ways to cook it. Here is one I am mostly proud I found, mainly because it is so simple and yet so delicious. It is also ideal for barbecue! If you like salmon, you really should try this out.
You will need:

4 salmon steaks
1/2 lemon, sliced
1 onion, sliced into rings
4 fresh dill sprigs
4 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp chopped parsley
salt and pepper

Preheat the barbecue or grill oven. Cut out 4 squares of aluminium foil, each large enough to enclose a fish steak. Place the salmon on the foil and top with the lemon slices, onion rings and dill sprigs (I added some ginger too!). Fold up the sides of the foil. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of parsley into each parcel and season with a little salt and pepper. Fold over the edges of the foil securely. Cook the fish parcels over for 15 minutes, turning once. Transfer the fish parcels to plates and unwrap. Serve immediately. Good luck!

{unwrapped salmon parcel}



First time I saw him in American Psycho. And it was enough. Immediate psychotic charm. Unbelievable actor. Congrats.


I will never stop loving this song..
Joy Division-Transmission


Current loves

{decorative letters}

 {friday flowers}


 {imaginative ashtrays}

{two-year-old kid's paintings}

{moist chocolate cakes} 


Jeans & Pearls

Ok, I certainly like full monochrome sets and classic, "safe" looks but I also love mix and matching clothes (boyish pants with romantic-style tops, girly dresses with biker boots-as seen here- layering and so on). Here is one of my favourite tops cause it's really really soft and it has this wide open back which is also really cool. The earrings are also of my favourites, and because I wear only clip ones I was really happy when they were given to me. And the shoes-oh the shoes- what can I say about them except that when I first saw them I knew I wouldn't get them out of my mind..

Vintage cashmere blouse with open back and embroidered pearls
Boyfriend-style jeans by Uterque
Faux-fur hat by H&M
Leather wedges by Barbara Bui
Socks by Calzedonia
Vintage leather clutch bag
Vintage bracelet 
Gifted drop earrings by Omnia-Armandos Moustaki
Parka by H&M


Food Reads

I found these recipe books recently (at a really nice price too I must say)- so I am now officially ready for springtime outdoor eatings..:) xx

Music obsession

Mark Ronson feat. D'Angelo- Glass mountain trust


Can I have these boots please? NOW?

Ok Santa, my birthday is on its way. Now you know what I want. And it's time to give me your present. They're on sale too! Lucky you! Size 38. 
I love you.

{The epitome of cool and sexy. Leather and suede ankle boots. By Isabel Marant.}