Put some red on.

 {Alexa Chung for Madewell dress}
{handmade baby cardigan}

one for me, one pour le new member of the family..


Dark chocolate covered shortbread cookies from Trader Joe's, gift wrapping along with hot chocolate, salad with spinach, parmesan and sweet&spicy pecans, pork roast with thyme, beer and rosemary marinade, plums and apricots, cheese, salami, french baguette, red wine phewww..and my first attempt for melomakarona turned out to be a success!


Gift wrapping.

With a little help from my little prince and low cost happy-funky-colorful materials, we ended up with these sweet ideas for gift wrapping..

how do you like it?


Merry, merry.

This is our christmas tree for this year, easy-cheapy things, but this particular one despite its "cheapy" figure has something that made me instantly wanna buy it..I don't know what exactly it is but I love it! We also made another one that's hanging on the wall, all made of lights (as you can see on the backround) and some ornaments that we put together..and of course lots of lights. How I love these little lights..
Plus, I have to wrap some presents I got for my little ones with some wrapping things I bought earlier today and I can't wait finding some time to do so cause I so love the process..Merry Christmas to you all!

Oh, I couldn't leave you without showing you some sweetness..this one is my way of tiramisu..yummy, yummy!!


Holiday bits.

Beautiful ornaments from here.. 

Beautiful gift wrapping ideas from here and here..


Pastel pleats.

So, this dress was one of my desires lately. I really could not believe it was an H&M one (when I first saw it at a sartorialist photo), but occasionally you can find such unique pieces there. I loved its vintage cut but versatile style and its faded pink color (another obsession of mine as you can tell from here), but did not search for it. You know, I thought I would go for it if I ever find myself to the store and if it's at a reasonable price. And what a coincidence that was to find it at my recent visit to the local H&M hanging there as it was waiting for me -only one size left and that was my size?!- oh yeah! for 20 dollars?..yes, that was a good one..


Loving to..

  make my effort on this gibson tuck..
have this bath..and this dress..
make this cutting board mine..and try out this dessert..
and how about these ballet flats?..

(photo 3: the sartorialist, 5: tartelette)


Baby days.

How cute is this new present for the baby..warm teeny-tiny boots for his teeny-tiny feet!!!
(print from here, ornament from A's school, another lovely present-nice surprise found at the mail..)


Homemade souvlaki.

What can I say..when you are far from home, you really miss some things. This time we did our best (considering you cannot find the exact match of ingredients needed) and made one of the things we love back here. Ok, it will never have the taste of that extra something you find when you buy it from your favorite souvlaki restaurant, but currently, I don't mind at all!

(Recipe follows...)

For my style of homemade souvlaki you will need: fresh cut french fries, tzatziki, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, pita bread (you can put them on the grill for two or three minutes) and grilled beef or pork skewers. And then all you have to do is take the pita and fill it in with whatever you like.

As far as tzatziki is concerned, I use greek yogurt 2% fat, two cloves of garlic (melted), cucumber grated and then squeezed until its juices are gone, olive oil and salt. Mix it all together and leave it in the fridge for a while.
The combo is deli-cious. Enjoy!


A walk in the park.

Not much to say about this beauty..the photos speak by themselves..a late afternoon walk in the woods, a dive in nature where you can forget how time goes by and relax as never before..oh, this is definitely one of the great pleasures of life for me right now. And this light, oh this light, I think I will never get over it..