Walks and home buys.

Got this vase from this amazing store-Beautiful, isn't it?

 ..we also had a walk at the park, enjoying the last (?) days of summer..



{order from Medium Fashion Gallery}


{window view}


{banana & chocolate muffins}

{cucumber martini at trib flip}



Ok, so I haven't told you about my visit to Leon's last time I have visited the US. Now that I'm back, I simply could not have it out of my "must-have places to revisit" list. The place itself is amazing, I love the whole deco-cozy-huge windows all-over style atmosphere, the wood combined with the aluminum, and furthermore the food is just admirable.

Detail: the desserts are so exactly what I desire (mmm).. Do not leave without having (at least) one if you ever visit the place.

Office beauty.

I just love this desk set. Especially the stainless notepad holder is to die for. 
From here.


Pizza making

pizza no.1

There is nothing better than homemade pizza and as I occasionally find myself trying out different recipes for homemade pizza doughs (as seen here), when I found this one I simply could not resist. And it is really so simple and worth trying. I doubled the dose and had three doughs (one of which I kept in the freeze for another night of consuming). So, I made one with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pancetta and arugula and the other one was with a mix of ricotta and sour cream, bacon and caramelized onions, as I found here. Both of them were just deliiiiiicious!

pizza no.2