Summer salad.

arugula, ricota cheese, apricots, balsamic vinegar, olive oil (of course)..

Oldies but goodies.

It was one of those impulsive moments when I saw this tee. I wanted it no matter what.
Sometimes you want to be closer to music in some ways, somehow, some things bring you back memories.
And that was one of those.


Bag mania.


I love this bag.

..and this bag.

(both from steven alan, the first one is clare vivier)



Nisyros part 2.

Wandering around the volcano (hot, hot, hot!), exploring the beautifulllll villages, climbing up at the castle, eating local dishes over the smoking hot volcano, walking the same path to and from the beach with almost no light (that was quite something I'm telling you) and staying there for our naps, make me wonder what took me so long to visit this island..

If you go, you don't want to miss:
the sunset from the castle, 
the swimming at Pachia ammos beach (unbelievably clear waters), 
the food at the villages of Emporios and Nikia, 
the greek coffee at the "kafeneio" of Ilikiomenis place at Mandraki village,
and of course the visit to the most stunning volcano that's still alive and burnin'.. 

Color palette.

Lately some of my fave nail colors..


Under the blue skies (of Nisyros).

..and that was at one of the best beaches I've been (Pachia Ammos), at one of the most addictive of the greek islands I have ever visited, Nisyros.

(+Purpose to live summer like I dream, achieved)


Deals lately.

Mini dress, Uniqlo. Sandals, Marais.

Simple (but much needed) pleasures.

One of the things I've been missing from Greece: this kind of food. And that is seafood and these greens (yes one more of these please) with a whole bunch of lemons lying around ready for a good use and tsipouro as our drink of choice. Combination that kills. 


Take me home.

Some of the reasons for the lack of posting..finding peace and harmony to the most beautiful waters of the med, returning to the roots.
More to come.