for every finger! /from asos, bracelet for pink addicts /from madewell.

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Powder pink peonies.

I stumbled upon these photos of these magical peonies I once photographed and I truly could not stop looking at them. Wish it was spring again when these beauties are in full bloom..


Shortcrust pastry.

I made an extra batch to keep in the freezer for emergency situations..

I used the rose bakery recipe.



amazing new stuff

Pompeya- 90
album Tropical, also addictive: My mind is clear.



Fernbank museum of natural history.

It is nice to take a visit to the museums once in a while and there's always a kids section where your kids can observe and learn things in fun and interesting ways. This time we chose the Fernbank museum of natural history, mostly because little Achilleas is crazy about dinosaurs..

If you visit, don't forget to go and give your best shot at creating a giant bubble! So fun!