Miu Miu.

this love is eternal,
I will never stop wanting to wear/have any (all) of this.
from the ad campaign S/S 2013.



have you watched the Carrie diaries yet? massive 80's music is played there..
check it out.
last night was the turn of this hyper hymn, by the Cars.


The best carrot cake. Ever.

I got the recipe from the pioneer woman and it is totally decadent. And yes, I made it in a square pan. Just because..well in this case the pan doesn't really matters. You can use whichever you fancy, the result will be the same, indescribable, unbelievable homemade cake thing you can have these days.. 


Winter is here for good.

warm socks is really all you need these days, the plants went in due to freeeeeeezing days (and nights), glad I did some investment on books (I want so many lately), my favorite coat is here with me and coffee will always be my best friend these early mornings..


Homemade gnocchi.

yummy, yummy food created with the help of my little kiddo of course..
I accompanied them with a classic tomato sauce with some herbs and garlic and lots of shredded parmezan on top.

I used this pasta maker.


Make my day.

I've been using these products lately and this honeysuckle scent is beyond this world..


..addition to my shoerack, from UO at a dreamy price.



Handmade scarf and the cutest gift for little P., from my lovely friend Kiki.

Looking for.

Is it just me or what? As soon as January hits all I ever think is how on earth winter will come to an end and spring will receive my hugs..

photo from while getting my hot choco with dear L.


Apple yogurt coffee cake.

..and a perfect way to begin your morning, adapted from Em and her brilliantly interesting recipes.
you can find the recipe here.


Music obsession.

One of the best tunes I've been listening to for quite some time now..
Faker- this heart attack (Miami horror remix)

I'm back 2013.

We were away spending some time with our families and friends back in Greece and that's why the lack of posts..but I'm getting back with you promise, missed you..happy new year to all of you!