the greatest package ever.
hasn't changed since it first came out. in 1906.
in love.  



in love with this song. to play on repeat.

Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams 


Eating out.

Good times include good food with good friends. Delicious onion pie, traditional cooked pork, vlita and eggplants in the oven, all of that in Bakalotaverna. 


Herbs is all I need.

Lovely Xenia was kind beyond words to send me this little surprise package (I’m a huge fan of receiving unexpected staff through the mail, especially letters, like the old-fashioned way- I’m trying to convince now my friends back in Greece to do so- ha! “A”, my dear, I know you’re reading these lines now..)

These herbs filled the house with smells that remind me of my country and it was exactly what I needed,  the time I needed it. 


Little cherry pies.

These are the easiest and most delicious little cherry pies. I used ready puff pastry, cut it in little rectangles and filled them with canned cherries. "Glued" them with some eggwash, baked them till golden brown and sprinkled them with some confectioner's sugar. What you actually have to do is eat them right away!