Lunch at the oyster bar (with kids).

and lots of little hands digging into those mussels..I really try to recall their taste because I think I only left the place having tried one or two of them (!)

We have been to the optimist which is actually attached to the oyster bar and it was really good but this place killed it.

The food there was superb. 



ah addicted to those lemon squares..

also on a side note:
this brand seems promising in what their swimwear have to offer. Araks.
I someway have to get a sample of these ;) till I manage to get one. Byredo.
new bike of my dreams. along with some wine..hik! don't drink & drive laaaaadies...
I want to make these.
cute (& most important warm) slippers.
this guy makes amazing hats. Eric Javits.
and, this song keeps me going.

have to tryyyy and catch up with them on their upcoming gig: the night beats.


Mad men.

watching mad men series all the way from season 1 for the first time.
new addiction. plus, I-want-to-own-every-single-wardrobe of these ladies.
currently trying to finish season 5.

I loved the photography/direction/lights on the first three seasons. seasons 4/5 are filmed a bit differently (?)
anyway the series is a crush. 



Philip's birthday were celebrated with waffles, chocolate and strawberries in the morning and a huge pumpkin cheesecake in the afternoon..
pumpkins for the pumpkins..
happy 2nd birthday little devil of ours
I adore you.

couldn't take a decent photo with the candles on, but you can clearly address their holes..
and there were some fireworks too! oh boy, oh boy!



Ok, so we decided that this is the only way you can eat your porkchops. Achilleas here gives us some how to lessons..

it's in your veins little guy..


What's for dinner? Pea fritters.

This is my new alternative to falafel and I'm so happy I found the recipe because it is delicious and so easy to make. I didn't exactly go by the recipe and that means that I did not use fresh peas (I didn't have any of those) but frozen ones, I didn't have fresh mint so I used some dry spearmint, about half of an onion instead of a shallot.
Of course, it didn't make any difference. Those pea fritters were as unbelievable as the recipe I found recalls.

find the recipe here and don't you dare not accompany them with the one and only greek yogurt..;)



to die for.
imagine the room without it..

ok, I know the bed makes a big impact too, but this wallpaper is beyond words.
via le dans la


Cannolis, the traditional way.

if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, go visit these guys and have these made-to-order cannolis..delish!


Chocolate/chocolatey rum balls (hic!)

I made these chocolate truffles dusted with fine cocoa powder and once again we realized how impossible it is to resist from eating just one/two/or three..

if you need something decadent yet fulfilling, find the recipe here.


Method & Orla Kiely.

how cool is that? method and orla kiely coolaborated and there you have it: bottles with the iconic designs of orla kiely we all love. I chose the honeysuckle which kills it.



my new "I wanna wear it everywhere I go/goes with everything" satellite triangle necklace and an all-time classic favorite of mine black leather pouch from baggu/