Birthday cake.

Chocolate birthday cake and sprinkles and colorful birthday candles and after party left baloons for one of my loves' sake. Happy birthday, rock star!! You are five already..jesus.
love you 


What's for dinner?

One of the most delicious and hugely recognized pasta dishes, spaghetti carbonara that is. But pleaaaase do not use heavy cream when you're making it, it has nothing to do with that. All that carbonara cream comes from a mix of milk, grated cheese and eggs..

I used this recipe, using parmesan cheese instead of pecorino and adding the whole eggs to the mixture mainly because I don't really like the idea and look of an almost raw egg on the top of my plate. However, the original recipe, and probably all the italians, swear by it...

1. the freshly grated cheese really make the difference
2. be generous with the quantity of the black pepper you're gonna add- it really needs a lot!
3. eat it immediately!


Mobile redo.

I found these kawaii stickers at Target and gave my mobile a face lift (or should I say a back lift?) that so much needed. Now the dull, black, "don't look at me" mobile found a new purpose to live with the easiest diy. If you have one of those, do it immediately.
You'll be happy looking at those faces.

and what's up with Target? it's becoming one of my favorite spots to dig in and find e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g  I need! especially the things for the home and the stationery? oh, I could spend hours of my day at those departments


New rug.

exactly what we needed, handwoven from 100% recycled cotton, sooo soft to walk on..
plus: it has every possible color in it which means: goes with everything!
so happy with this purchase.. 



Jcrew perfect-fit tank / Zara boyfriend jeans / Repetto leather ballerinas


Latest addiction.

best doughnut ever.

dark chocolate caramel kreme.
for a limited time at krispy kreme's. do not miss it.




Addicted to.

After much anticipation, I've started watching Breaking bad for a few days now (yes, I know- have you watched it?) and I am blown away. I haven't realized till now how huge is this series, I am moved with every episode, Bryan Cranston just rules. It's been ages since I've watched such an unbelievable actor, act.

I think it's already made it to my favorite series of all time.