Designer of the week: Paula Cademartori.

This time my new find is Paula Cademartori and her bags. The woman is genius. I love her designs, the colors she uses and the materials. I think I'm having a huge crush right now with this one and this one. Oh, and this one..I'm in love with the jungle flower patchwork..in love.

photos from paulacademartori.com

Breakfast club.

With scrambled eggs, on toast, with bacon and lots of pepper..


Autumn leaves.

We grabbed some fallen leaves from around the lake and we were fascinated by those colors. I mean look at these colors, I mean, seriously? There's a whole range of palette to be working on coloring.
And what's interesting is the colors they have at their back side..nature calls. 


Apple cheese danish.

Ok, this was the most amazing thing I've tasted recently and made me want to make it again right after we had finished eating it. And that was: I made it, we ate the whole thing within minutes and we wanted more. The combination is incredible: apples and ricotta cheese with notes of lemon zest (that's one thing that takes it to the next level I think), all that "wrapped" in a puff pastry? Amazing.

The finishing touch is even more addictive. That icing (which by the way is so easy to make), gains plus points.

Recipe found here.



..from Octane coffee and a chocolate meringue to go.


We have a crush with this guy here lately. His name is Babo and he loves cookies..
from Moma, for little A.



Yesterday, it was Philip's birthday. Our sweet little baby boy turned one! Lots to be remembered from that day..seems to me it was yesterday. Time passes by so quickly..
We brought him some presents and we made him this super giant cake (comparing to his size that is), which was delicious. We sang the bithday song and he tried to blow out his first one and only candle!  ;)


Shrimp tacos.

One of my biggest addictions lately. This version I made came with marinated shrimps, sliced avocados, sliced red onions, chopped parsley, some chopped radicchio, lime juice and a dollop of sour cream..