Almond & chocolate biscotti.

I enjoy having something homemade to accompany morning coffee so whenever I find a little time (having two kids in the house isn't always the easiest thing), I like to try out new recipes that were lying down at my: "favorite-recipe-definitely-make-when-you-find-spare-time-section". This was one of them and even if I didn't think biscotti would be my kind of thing, I ended up eating half of the bunch in one single afternoon.

The recipe I used is this basic recipe for the biscotti batter and then you can add whatever you like. For my first time I added chocolate chips (70% cacao), sliced almonds, some Grand Marnier and a little bit of almond extract. Enjoy!


Latest collab.

Jason Wu for Target. My picks.


I cannot believe how many memories brought back their live performance at the brits. One of my favorite bands of all time, yes I was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan back in the 90's (did I just say nineties?), I mean there's been like what? 20 years back??????? oh my god. oh my gosh. oh my. And this song. oh, this song. If you were a fan, you'd know what I mean.



Oh maaaaan! I got this diptyque candle as a gift and I am completely blown away. It is their limited edition 34 with a special package and from the moment I opened the box, the entire house was filled with this unique, unspeakable, indescribable aroma, nowhere else to be found.
Scents that fulfil.


Fine cuts.

Some really, really good deals I found at Zara website and gave it a go. Extra fine cotton sweater, skinny trousers and glittery socks. What I love, is these cuts that this sweater has. Plus, it is super soft and in an adorable powder pink that can be easily styled with everything.


Weekend bits.

 I finally managed to put a frame on my Jeanloup Sieff poster love..

and got this lip palette from Bobbi Brown as a present for my birthday -it sooo includes some of my favorite colors, especially the pinkish ones are to die for. 


Flowers & Sweets.

This time it's the sweetness and the saltiness of the caramel sea salt brownies..

I want.

This is the perfect style boot. For me. Right now.
From my new brand-obsession. Penelope and coco.
How more perfect can it be?


Snack treats.

pita in the oven with feta, olive oil, oregano, olives and pickles.


Lately from weekend notes.

A visit to the museum, donuts, drawing, mac&cheese, some beer (out (!) at night(!x2)) and a birthday cake (specially made for daddy's birthday with lots of love). oh, and these little hands are getting bigger and bigger and bigger..