Beef Chili + Yogurt and Cheddar Biscuits

I found this recipe here and I thought I should definitely try it. Especially when you like spicy food this is one that you can increase the spiciness by adding more jalapenos or not or just excluding them. The most amazing thing about this recipe is these biscuits which are really to die for! I actually made some changes to the original recipe: I added parmezan instead of cheddar cheese and at the end I served it with nice greek yogurt instead of sour cream (for healthier purposes), and it was sooooo good. Definitely one of my best-xx 

{excellent puffy cheddar (parmezan) biscuits}


Krisbliss said...

Yum yum yum! It looks delicious! I love chili and biscuits! Now that winter is on it's way out, sounds like a good idea to get a chili recipe in before it's over lol!



Lindsay With An "A" said...

YUM! What a perfect chilly weather meal! Just found your blog :)