Memory jacket.

I have gone to heaven and never came back..
The ultimate leather vest, in the most incredible colour, (faded pink I am in love with you) is here to stay and is waiting for me (in my dreams for the time being).
I am speechless. And I want it. Badly.
From Acne.


Sophia said...

Soooo P.R.E.T.T.Y.!!!

Style Savvy Chic said...

I really like this color and have been looking for a blouse in this color with little luck. Nice find!

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Nathan Moy said...

I'm so loving the slouchy demanor of this sleeveless biker, and for it to be dirty pink so damn chic!!! Also, notice the great details in the cover buttons also encased in leather of the same color, I love love that! You should check out my newest HOLY CHIC tee from Ashish, bound to bring up a few giggles in you to brighten up your day, or it simply provokes you, either way works ;)

xx The Provoker