Homemade ice cream.

After having it on my list for a little while now, I finally gave it my first try and oh how it's worth it. I am telling you if you haven't tried it before: homemade ice cream is waaaaaaay more satisfying than the store bought one. Also, the recipe I used, made it so smooth it melted in your mouth so softly..that's what I like in an ice cream. It was really, really good. Can't wait to trying other flavors-recipes..

This one is mint chip and has a really cool flavor, is an ideal way to follow your lunch or dinner and the roughly hand chopped dark chocolate suits uniquely.

I used Emily's recipe but you can find a similar one here.


Rachel said...

This looks incredible - I love mint choc chip, so thanks for the link!

Kate said...

You're very welcome!

The Happening said...

Since I am gluten-free ice-cream recipes and such are so useful to me! Thank you for this - looks amazingly delicious and will definitely be trying it out soon!


Kate said...

You won't be disappointed my dear! This recipe rocks.