Whole lemon bars.

This is a very easy recipe for lemon bars because you actually use a whole lemon as it is (you don't have to peel it, juice it, zest it or remove the white parts), you just remove the seeds, cut it into chunks and then it's all blended with the other ingredients in the food processor (!)-how good is that? Ok, you also need to do the tart shell but it's really easy too. The result is so good you'll be surprised (as I did). The only thing I will decrease next time is the amount of sugar added, just so I'd have a stronger lemon feel. But that's personal taste, you can adjust the sugar to your preferences.

I used the recipe from this book but you can find one made for a tart here.


Fashion Reactor said...

It looks so yummy! I really like lemon in sweets.


Kate said...

Thanks Eirini! This is really good-you should try it out!