Well hello there!

yaaaaayyyyyy! what's up guuuyyys? things have been really hectic lately around here and that's why the lack of posts but now I'm back and ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrooolllll with delicious updates for you all..
lots of stuff have been going on for the last few months which I'm thrilled to share with you through this little-but filled with tons of love-space of mine..

if you haven't already attempted to search for me and keep up with my latest insta-activities through my newest photo space addiction, I'm challenging you: try it now. this is becoming an obsession. I won't be able to get this thing off of me so easily or any time soon so you can follow me through there as well if you fancy :)

in other exciting news: do you know that today is the launch of & Other Stories online shop for the US people? yesssss people. SO THRILLED.
COS was first and now this? my life is complete now :b

also: the following track is a must for your kiddos to listen to and I'm saying this because my youngest son is playing it over and over again, there must be something about it, right? little P was the one who found it and I don't know even how. check it out:

and this is the one that I've been stuck with as of saying the last months now? to be played at least xtimes a day..

such a great feeling writing again here.. much much love to you all for now

1st photo: morning super coffee
2nd photo: marc by marc jacobs shoes/ h&m dress
3rd photo: spooky shadow/sand

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