On Ikea news.

Just how cool are the upcoming collections of Ikea?

Hemsmak one is all about pickling and preserving, consisting of some beautiful made carafes, jars and bottles, but the thing I'm more excited about is that part of the collection are some really pretty labels and tags in different shapes and sizes along with cute strings, pens and tapes that your delicacies project can be more fun. DIYers unite!
Collection coming out August 2015.

Sinnerlig collection is a beautiful collection of furniture and things for your working, dining or lounging space. Some of the things I love from the collection are the ceramics and the tables and couches. What is really great about this one is that the products designer Ilse Crawford used have so nice details and are made of natural materials such as cork, ceramics and glass that feel so good to touch and use. Well done!
Available from October 2015.

first three photos from Sinnerlig collection/last four photos from Hemsmak collection

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