Three ingredient biscuit treat

This one is maybe the simplest dessert ever to make and the perfect deal for those late night (or early ones) cravings. You only need to have three (basic really, we all have those in our pantry) ingredients and you are ready to go. The result is unbelievably good and all you have to choose is between how intense or not you want your chocolate taste. So, depending on how light or darker you like your chocolate, adjust your chocolate you will use accordingly. I usually go with 60 to 70% of chocolate cause I'm a dark chocolate person but I'm eager to try the lighter one version ;)

Also, the original recipe uses digestive biscuits, I decided to go with the graham crackers. It turned out just fine :)

Three ingredient biscuit treat (adapted by Cool Artisan)

300 g chocolate
150 g butter
15 digestive biscuits

Smash the biscuits into large pieces. Melt the chocolate with the butter in a double boiler.  Once the chocolate and butter are melted and mixed, add the biscuits. Mix and convey into a pan you have covered with cling film. Let the cake in the refrigerator for at least one hour and then chop into cubes. Refrigerate.


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