Impromptu Profiterole

This is such a great option if you are sort of things in your pantry and you are craving for something sweet for your tooth;) So I came up with this idea of creating a profiterole with only three ingredients and believe me you won't be disappointed. You only need:

1 box of cream puffs (from the freezers dept, I used these)
some kind of dark or semi-sweet chocolate
milk or whipping cream
1 tbs honey
almond flakes

Put the cream puffs in a large bowl, melt completely the chocolate in a pan with the milk/whipping cream and the honey till it forms a nice ganache texture and then drizzle it all over the cream puffs (you decide the portion of melted chocolate you want to put on top of the puffs). Finally, sprinkle a handful of almond flakes to give it that extra crunchy texture.

Dig in and enjoy!

p.s. You can also whip some cream and add some on top! (I had literally run out of that!)

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