From 3 to 4.

Happiness nr.2 is here..
Yes, I became mama for second time two and a half weeks ago, giving birth to a lovely baby boy.
I really didn't believe the moment you take your baby in your arms for the first time can be as intense as it was with your first one. Well, it so is. So strong, so unique, a feeling you will never forget.
Another bond.
Our family now counts 4 and you cannot imagine how time can suddenly be so limited..
Just wanted to share this with you, balloons, flowers and his first presents, made with love for the new tough guy..
Happiness nr.2 is here..


ilianna said...

congratulations you guys!! polla filia se olous sas kai kalo mas kouragio genikws xxxxx

Sophia said...

Να σας ζησει ο αγοραρος!!! Στο ειπα και στο μηνυμα αλλα οι ευχες ειναι ωραιες και η επαναληψη τους τοσο ομορφη!

renia metallinou said...

Κατερινάκι συγχαρητήρια!!!! Να σας ζησει ο παιδαρος!!!

renia metallinou said...

:) Congratulations!!!

Krisbliss said...

Wow congratulations! What a blessing!