Pastel pleats.

So, this dress was one of my desires lately. I really could not believe it was an H&M one (when I first saw it at a sartorialist photo), but occasionally you can find such unique pieces there. I loved its vintage cut but versatile style and its faded pink color (another obsession of mine as you can tell from here), but did not search for it. You know, I thought I would go for it if I ever find myself to the store and if it's at a reasonable price. And what a coincidence that was to find it at my recent visit to the local H&M hanging there as it was waiting for me -only one size left and that was my size?!- oh yeah! for 20 dollars?..yes, that was a good one..

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Elsa said...

Love it! The soft powder pink color is so beautiful and the cut is super! Looks great on you!
Merry Christmas!

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