Pumpkin whoopie pies.

One of the things I am intrigued by is the exploration of the unknown. In order to do that as far as new recipes is concerned (and if I fail I'm really fine with that-but I do my best not to ;-)), I continue the trip with the lovely whoopies (didn't exactly know about their existence till recently). They are like sandwich cookies but you don't call it cookie cause it is soft like cake (and that makes it extra appealing). I found this recipe and there was no better way to use one of my favorite ingredients as a filling (pumpkin) in a combination with my all-time favorite chocolate (here in a cocoa powder form).  

Tip: I didn't use vegetable shortening but vegetable oil and instead of whole milk I used fat free one and it was perfectly fine that way too.


Junaluska said...

Mmmm. I tried making whoopie pies a while back but the filling didn't quite work out...maybe I should try this recipe.

Sophia said...

Ok, i'll come by for a cup of coffee and you'll treat me with this!(i wish)

Kate said...

I wish you were here!