Knight rider.

So, the kids are watching like craaaaazy the knight rider for the last few months, I can't believe my eyes how this became an addiction to them really, I keep telling myself it can't be happening: this is a series of the '80s (!), when I was watching it like a maniac and at a time there weren't all of these stuff going on nowawadays..
Anyway, it is such a treat for me to watch them have the same passion with it again and takes me back to those times when I couldn't wait for that (same) day and time of airing that put me straight on the couch and had me admiring KIT and his crazy spins..
On another note, I now realize how obsessive are the clothes in the series, needless to say a thing about the haircuts-
Did you know that Stevie Nicks was a huge Michael's crush? well, now you know!
I love her haircut in the above episode! so now.

The music is also killing it as you can imagine..

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