Homemade cocktail drink & recipe.

Just so that I can keep track of my right out of my head moments of spontaneous creativity for new recipes, (remember fellow bloggers: this is also a place to right them down), I am delivering you one that can become an obsession, really.

This is a rum cocktail drink I recently attempted to experiment with, so here what I came up with:

you can obviously bring it to your tastes, depending on how strong or not you like it, so this how I went:

I began by pouring ice in a low cocktail glass and a portion of white rum, I then added some pink lemonade, a few drops of agave syrup and some lime juice. Bingo! The portions were right, exactly to my likings, the agave syrup is giving the right amount of just a hint of sweetness (which is something I'm looking for in a drink) but not to the overall result which has also has the citrus-y flavors and eventually bring it to the perfect balance.

*attention: it may become addictive..:b

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