Music of the day

This time it's from Gorillaz whom I had the pleasure to watch play live for the first time last week:) They were remarkably good, the setlist was such a surprise and in perfect flow..no wonder why I've been a huge fan of this guy from the very beginning of his carreer-the man is geniuuusss

They played songs off of all their albums, played Some kind of Nature/the collab with Lou Reed, for the first time in seven years, had many guest appearances (Peven Everett, you're out of this planet!) AND played Busted & Blue live which was a huge surprise to me, but apparently it is everyone's favorite (who would have thought?)

I absolutely love this song-probably my favorite of the latest album which album by the way I simply adore more and more every time I listen to it-

This is Atlanta's setlist c/o @Chaos.Archon:

..and some photos c/o Taste area for your sake:)

*Busted & Blue live from Merriweather Post Pavillion Columbia, MD c/o Jim Powers 

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