Crepes au chocolat

One of my favourite desserts ever are crepes. With chocolate. Dark chocolate. It may be due to the fact that it reminds me a lot of my childhood (my dad had always been a huge fan), so every once in a while I find myself frying a crepe batter. It is such a delicate dessert, great for breakfast as well, and if you like this kind of sweets (half dough-like, half chocolate), it really is one of the best.. 


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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Rania said...

Κ γω λατρευω τις κρεπες!Ειδικα με σοκολατα κ μπανανα,το καλυτερο μου! αλλα δεν εχω επιχειρησει ποτε να φτιαξω μονη μου #φοβος-της-αποτυχιας-υποθετω :ΡΡ