Nice looks, well-made clothes

look 1

1. First impressionist scarf, $34.99
2. Floaty cami mini-dress, $39.99
3. The brownstone suede bag, $126
4. Osborn denim oxfords, $49.99
5. Woven chains bib necklace, $49.99
6. Warm-up sweater, $59.99
7. Hansel from basel slouchy trouser socks, $25

During my trip to the United States, I discovered this very fine store called Madewell. I think there are stores only in the US cause I have never ever met one in Europe. Do you know if it's California based?
I simply adored it and here are two different looks (based on mini-dress - cardigan style) I made with some of the pieces I mostly like and imagine what?: most of them are on sale too!
So, what do you think?

look 2

1. Cotswold cardigan, $150
2. Pretty plumes dress, $99.99
3. Spiked bib necklace, $78
4. Ski lodge beanie, $22.50
5. The buckled biker boots, $129.99
6. The cinched bucket bag, $102
7. Over-the-knee ribbed 1937 socks, $13.20.

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Megan Joy said...

Love Madewell ..have you discovered J.Crew? Madewell is there little sister. Both amazing ..boyish oxfords with feminine dress ..great juxtaposition

kate said...

Thanks a lot!!
Yeah I know J.Crew- but Madewell are sooooo nice! They have a certain style I admire..