Birthday presents

{blue suede ballet flats}

{amazing leather bag with vintage-inspired pockets and velour inside}

{white hyacinths}

{high-waisted perfect cotton sleepwear}


 {birthday cake}

{knitwear with faux-fur details} 

{the perfect cotton tank}

These are some presents I got for my birthday a few days ago (and I am so glad about it ;)). The flowers and the birthday cake were my early-in-the-morning pick-ups of that day. It's a bit neutral/earthy tones now that I look over them but at the same time I realize I looove neutrals this period! Have a nice day!


Scala said...

happy belated birthday! great presents :)

Yasmeen Fahmy said...

These are all so beautiful!!! I'm jealous. Especially of the faux fur. It looks so fuzzy and warm (Sigh) Congrats! :)

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Krisbliss said...

Happy birthday! WOW, can we talk about how FAB each of your presents were! Yes steel toe, creamy leather, and I'm LOVING those high-waisted cotton sleepwear! Especially for the summertime!!

The necklace is gorgeous, I really like the rope chain it's on. And the faux-fur cardigan is fierce!!

You have lovely people in your life clearly! :D



S and O said...

Great presents!
I love the reflective toed shoes :D

kate said...

Thank you all so much for the wishes!! :)lots of kissezzzzzz..

loveandpeaceF said...

great gifts! I love the reflective toe shoes! :)

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Grysh said...

ZI especially like the high-waisted perfect cotton sleepwear. Very unique :)

Happy Birthday! :)

Rachel said...

Love the ballet flats!

Megan Joy said...

Hey Kate,

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm loving neutrals as well as the cap toe ..so CoCo..