The most delicious french-style onion soup

If you want the easiest to make onion soup then this is the one. Except for the fact that you will have to hand cut a looooot of onions (and this includes a lot of crying), the rest of the process is very easy to fulfill...Trust me!

{this is the crying part}

French-style onion soup

750g onions
4tsp butter
2tsp flour
750ml beef broth (I put just boiled water and it was perfect too)
1tsp chopped thyme
salt and pepper
toasted slices of bread
gruyere cheese (I put italian parmesan Reggiano)

Cut all the onions in slices. Melt the butter in a large pot and cook onions, covered, over low heat for 25 minutes. Sprinkle onions with flour and allow to heat stirring constantly until golden brown. Add the beef broth, stir well and let boil for 10 minutes. Salt and pepper according to taste. Pour the soup into heatproof bowls, spread the cheese on toasted slices and put them in the bowls. Finally, place bowls in a preheated grill until the cheese melts.

Good luck!


Josie said...

This sounds so tasty! It's my mom's favorite; I'll have to try making it for her!
xo Josie

Lynn Raye said...

Looks so good. Thanks for the recipe. !!!!

Joll Burr said...

umm i love onion, probably will try this out!:)